Choosing “Watermelon” of Profits

Watermelon of Profit

A young entrepreneur seek a Master Guru for the secret of success. The Master took out

3 pieces of watermelon, each of different sizes. The Master asked:”If each piece of watermelon represents a profit, which one will you choose?” Without hesitation, the young man took the largest piece and bite into it. The Master smiled and answered :”Good!”. He then took the smallest piece and ate it. Since he took the smallest piece, the Master finished it in no time. Quickly, he took up the remaining last piece, waved it proudly in front of the young man and bite into it.

Instantly, the young entrepreneur understood the message of the Master Guru: If each piece of watermelon represents a profit, the Guru has acquired the most profits of all!

Sometime we are so focused on just the profit just in front of us and quickly grab it, However, if we develop vision, see the beyond, there are bigger profits ahead of us if we can learn to let go of that which is just in front of us.

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