Will the Real Tailor, Please Stand Out?

Along the street of Bangkok, there were 3 tailors, each mending a shop. No doubt, there was competition among them as they tried ways to out do one another to attract more customers.
One day, one of them hang up a banner – “The Best Tailor in Bangkok”. This attracted many customers.
The second day, the other tailor also made a banner – “The Best Tailor in Thailand”. This attracted more customers than the 1st tailor.
The 3rd tailor was burdened and knew he better do something, else he would need to wind down his business. “Should I put it as The Best Tailor in the World”? It would sound unreal.
The 3rd day, he did put up a banner and he managed to close more deals than the other 2 tailors. What did he put on his banner?
“The Best Tailor on this Street”.
– Being and doing the normal would not bring you far – Think out of the box. Nothing is impossible. The possibilities are limitless.
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