Stone of Significant

Living in urban side of Malaysia and going for a stroll in the evening, I would usually pick up a stone/ pebble so that when I encountered stray dogs, I could use the stone to pretend to throw at them. This would usually drove the strays away from attacking.

Today, as I was looking at the stone in my hand, I suddenly have an a-ha moment! None of the stone I picked up everyday was identical! They were all unique. Small as they were, they served the purpose.

Some of us thought lowly of ourselves, we admitted we have too many weaknesses and we might have failed one times too many. We tell ourselves that we are insignificant.

You are that stone in my hand, small and flaws. However, you are significant and believe it – those flaws & failures that you have – these made you unique – somewhere out there, sometime in the future, you will serve the Purpose – for you are significant!

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