Lesser is More

Most of us are familiarize with the fable of the Lion & the moose. The mouse in the story is the hero, the one in the limelight. However, if we paused and give a little more thoughts: why did the lion let the mouse loose? Do you think it is a good idea to wake up a sleeping lion? What kind of mood would the lion be at that time? Why should the lion listen to the mouse? The lion could had easily swallowed the mouse.

What if the lion just decided to do something different and practice a little kindness that day? Some of us (me included) have our eyes focus on big things, bigger dream, & highest goals, BUT we forgot that life has many small little things that matters more: a little kindness, a smile, a hug, forgiveness, vulnerability, ….

These small things in life – the seemingly “Lesser” things of life, are More important for developing Growth Mindset.

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