Seeing & Noticing

crown-759296_1920 Birbal was the wisest man in India. One day, the King from faraway kingdom heard about Birbal. He was eager to meet him and sent him an invitation to come visit his country.

When Birbal arrived and entered the palace he was amazed to see not one but six kings seated there. All looked alike. All were dressed in kingly robes. Who was the real king?

The very next moment he got his answer. Confidently, Birbal approached the king and bowed to him. “But how did you identify me?” the king asked, puzzled. Birbal smiled and explained: ‘The false kings were all looking at you, while you yourself looked straight ahead. Even in kingly robes, the common people will always look to their king for support.”

Overjoyed, the king embraced Birbal and showered him with gifts.

Similar to many people, we hear but not listen; we see things but we seldom notice and observe. Ask yourself today, do you see the “key influencer” in your life that is driving you to do what you do? Until then, you cannot be the driver of your own life.

ACTS for Transformation & Change#story4change#ACTStory

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