Building your Life

Two construction workers were stopping work at the building site and sat down for their lunch. Each of them brought their own lunch boxes. The first man looked into his lunch box and grinned “Great! I am starving! Cheese, eggs, chicken, tuna, sandwich and a slice of fruit! …… ”

The second man looked at his lunch box and sighed heavily. “Ham again! I don’t believe it! This week I had already ham sandwiches for three times so far! I am sick and tired of seeing ham again!”

“Come on, cheer up!” The friend tried to sooth him. “If you are so tired of eating ham, why don’t you ask your wife to pack something else for you?”

The complainting man looked puzzled, “What are you talking about? I don’t have a wife. I made my own sandwich.”

This sounds like a hilarious story but isn’t it not true in many of our own life story? The life that we are living, the choices that we made, the success or failure – aren’t we our own author of our life story?

Choose Coaching. Choose Transformation and Change today.

#story4change #ACTStory

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