It’s was a dark & stormy night. There were three person waiting in a remote town’s bus stop. A very sick old woman, a healthy doctor and a beautiful young lady. If you drove your 2 seats-car and passed by. Wanting to help, what will you do? Think before looking at the possible answers below.

Remote Bus Stop
  1. Helping the weak is a great virtue. Take the old woman to the hospital for treatment.
  2. Take the doctor because likely there were many patients waiting for him to be treated in the hospital in town. Furthermore, the doctor could become your friend!
  3. Take the young lady. It was not safe for her to be in this remote area. She might become my lover and wife.

Actually, there was a fourth solution. Let the doctor drove your car and fetch the old woman to hospital. You could stay behind and protect the young lady!

Shift your mindset sometimes, you might make changes in life, new choices that you never make, and get transformed in ways you never think is possible.

ACTS for Transformation & Change#story4change#ACTStory

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