Being Decisive

This is a silly story with a not so silly wisdom.

A very hungry donkey was almost dying in hunger when he stumbled on TWO piles of food; east and west side of where he was standing. He ran to the east side but when he was near to the pile, he felt that the pile on the west side seemed to be a bigger pile. He left the one on east side and ran toward the west. On reaching there, his intuition told him that this was not as big pile as the previous one. He went back and fro few times and each times, the one on opposite side seemed bigger. Eventually he died in hunger in the middle between the east & west piles.

Sounds like a silly story? How about our own life’s story? How many times have you forsaken dreams, goals, ideas because we cannot decide to go for it? How many areas in our life that we felt stuck but did nothing at all?

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