One of risk we all need to learn to take is to shift away from the Impossible situation and focus on the “I am” (I’m). When we are facing situations like a disconnection in relationship, a unmovable obstacle, a inevitable circumstance, a difficult task etc., we change our perspective from Impossible to “I’m+Possible”. Look deeply and intently enough, we will find within us a vast pool of resources, creativeness and you are enough to make it possible!

In coaching, I have never failed to see how naturally resources & creative my clients are, when they look deep into themselves. The exploitation of their values, life purpose, making resonate choice, & seeing the true of themselves, resulting them leading their own life in their own authentic & vulnerable way. In return, they become leaders not only to themselves but to others. I have help an introvert speaking with conviction on stage, one whom nobody believed on – standing tall as a leader, locally & globally, a loner becoming a dynamic team player, the list goes on …

My take on this is – one of the greatest risk that one must take is learning to be true to yourself, not living on expectation of others or the politically correct standard of the world.

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