The Call to Adventures

When we mentioned the “Calling”, we tend to think in term of someone who followed the passion of his life, & become a powerful preacher or a missionary. How about someone who tried on writing a book and found her calling to be a famous author. In real life that most of us are in – that is not the case.

If you are familiar with the Hero’s Journey, The Journey started from the hero’s normal life in the beginning of the story, before the adventure begins. The Calling to Adventure comes when the hero is faced with something that makes him begin his adventure. This might be a problem or a challenge he needs to overcome. Always the hero will attempt to refuse the adventure because he is afraid. Remember The Hobbit? Gandalf told Bilbo that he is going on the adventure. With that, Bilbo runs out of The Shire to catch up with the dwarfs. After all 13 dwarfs arrive at Bilbo’s house, Bilbo officially refuses the call to adventure, because, respectable hobbits don’t go on adventures.

In my life up to the present, I have been call to 3 Journeys of Adventures. I still remembered so clearly as if just happened yesterday, how I strongly refused the calls to adventures. It required me to come out of my comfort zone, to challenge my limiting beliefs, to step out in faith, to go beyond “living dangerously” and taking “risks”! Looking back, holding the 3 Elixirs in my hand now, I recalled returning to the ordinary world with the Treasure/ Elixir I have gained, which I now use for the benefit of my fellow man. I become The hero that was transformed by the adventures. In the next 3 blogs, I will write about the calling to the 3 Adventures.

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