You Would Make a Difference!

I was holding my son while he was trying to insert the key into the keyhole by himself. This lasted for half an hour and he was not able to insert the key in the end. Question I asked myself: “Am I wasting my time doing this? After all, he didn’t manage to insert the key into the keyhole!”

The fact is not about whether he has accomplished the task but how did my son viewed the time spent? Firstly, he would remembered this precious time of bonding with his daddy. Secondly, he was experiencing and learning for himself (with the company of his father) – how to insert key into keyhole. It was not a waste of time for him.

Today as a precious employee of your company, you might be thinking on a Monday morning – “Do what I did matter?” It matters! If what you are doing is true to your values and purpose in life (the natural child in you), it really does not matter what others think or judge. Be true to yourself. What you did make a difference to yourself and others eventually.

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