Standing in front of the mirror, what will you say about yourself? “Hmm, I kind of putting on a bit of weight, it is time to start some exercises.” or “Yeah, I am a fat blob and no wonder people don’t really like me.” We can choose what do we see in front of the mirror. Self-image is not about what’s in the reflection of the mirror but how you interpret what you see there.

Interepreted Self-image is a complex system inside of us which consist of different colored shades of lens, type of lens and some customised filters. They as a whole distorted, generalised, and delete stuffs about oursleves. They were the products of our past, experiences and limiting beliefs.

However, if we learned to see ourselves in our own authentic way, as if looking through a pure crystal. We see a true image of who we really are.

I used to be living with the self-image of “I am not good enough”. This came from parents comparing me with others better than me, trying to blend into classmates’ good books, living to the expectation of the social world etc. When I found that I need to be living for who I am, it takes away the “not good” from the equation – “I am enough”.

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