Owning Your Choice

What have the situations of COVID-19 been affecting your life so far? Are you feeling fearful of falling sick? Are you sucking it up with business going down and shaking head with the gloomy and uncertainty of the world’s economy? Joining the masses to go and grab daily essentials to the point of hoarding, worrying that you would lose out? Complaining about all the restrictions and locking down imposed by the government?

Based on the above, what were some of the choices you have made recently?


What if the happenings around COVID-19 is making you more aware of the importance of health and immunity? (You have been putting the exercise plan on hold for far too long). The uncertainty of business and economy is a good opportunity for us to take a step back and re-evaluate what’s need to change, evolve and adapt? I see people re-examine their values, priorities, re-connecting with families and loved ones. I see humanity standing up and voicing out selfishness, inconsideration and pride of their fellow humans.

Based on the above, I have made some choices that I would have never make before. For example, I am so convinced now that I can have BIGGER dream to impact not just those around me; I can make impact globally! I have already scheduled to be a guest speaker in one of the radio show in the States to talk about my passion to help people all over the world to embark their Journey from Zero to Mastery!

Fellow people, own your choices by getting grounded to your values and life purpose. Don’t be so easily affected by external situations and thus being influenced to make choices that are not authentic and resonate.

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