In this global pandemic of COVID-19, with most countries either on lockdown situations, strict enforcements on social behaviours or Movement Restriction Order – the human race is facing changes in our lives. There are anxieties, fears, worries and uncertainties welling up inside us.

On the social medias, the trend started with lots of bad news, negative emotions, hopelessness, racialism, and not forgetting fake news. Then it started to shift towards love, sharing, resilient, courage, and all the positive, uplifting stuffs.

Just like our fingerprint which is unique and special. Each one of us are different and unique. We don’t have to succumb to the trends of the social medias to be who we are.

Is it ok to be feeling fearful? Do I have permission to be feeling discouraged and hopelessness? I believe I do. Those feeling and emotions are real, and I should not ‘brush it aside” or “sweep under the carpet” per se. We are free to be who we are. If my family are suspected of infected by COVID-19, should I be fearful? Feeling uncertainty? Yes I will be.

However, just like when we are sick, feeling not hungry and no appetite; should we not eat anything at all? No, we need to eat something and take our medicine! The feeling and emotions are real, they need acknowledgement, expressed and experienced; though what actions we take after that make the difference!

Let us not be down on those who are expressing their negative emotions and feelings. Be considerate, be empathy, be respectful. Give them permission to BE ME.

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