Letting Go

What expectations of “normal” am I letting go of today?

There are changes all around us now as the world is going through her challenges. To be resilient, to be different – what are the “normal” will you be letting go today?

Letting Go

At home, I get used to being compared with my siblings alot by my parents. At the end of school terms, teachers would proudly annouced the top 5 students of the class. I would secretly look at my classmates’ report cards to see how good they were as compared to me. In office, boss would use examples from us to prove his points of what was good works done and what was not. Reading news today, we would see different countries doing different approaches to combact the virus – some were making senses, some don’t; some were helpful while some were making things worst …..

I know for me, it is normal for me to compare myself with the success of others, specially so now with social media. Today I have to learn not to compare, I need to embrace and accept my own authentic success. To able to post this and share this message online, be it just 1 like, 1 view – the success is measure not by numbers but by the fact that I could share vulnerably. #SpiritualSunday @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/acts4transformationCommunity/

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