Joy – The Constant in Crisis

What if the lock-down/ movement restriction/ circuit breaker is lifted? Happy
What if vaccine is available in your country only at beginning of the year? Not happy
What if your business/ finance situation is not bouncing back as expected? Not happy
What if ….
Happiness changes & fluctuates with situations around us. However Joy is within us and it could be a Constant in times of trials and crisis. Happiness is not.

Have you forgotten the Joy in you? Remember the joy of you done up the most beautiful painting of all times at 2 years old (one that is so abstract that only you understood it!) and your parents gave praises? Remember the joy of standing on top of a valley facing the breath-taking view and taking a deep breath, embracing the breeze, blowing away all worries? The Joy is authentic – real and natural.

I am grieved when I thought of my lated wife whom I lost to cancer, but I felt joy whenever I thought of how blessed I was in the relationship! A father felt joy knowing that his son didn’t cheat in class when everyone of his classmates were persuading him to join them in the test. However, the father was bit worried and sad that his son did badly in the test.

Happiness and Joy are two different things. Joy has greater depth as it is anchored and grounded on our values. Joy is what would heal and strength you in hard times. Don’t let the “two thieves” that would steal away the Joy from you!

My 2nd of the 6-part series “Into the Crisis, Onto a Champion – Building Character #2 Joy” would briefly touch on the above. Click on the link to watch the YouTube Video. Feel free to subscribe to the Channel and comment. You can also connect to me on FaceBook or Telegram.

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