Claiming Back Patience

#Throwback on the 3rd of the 6-parts series “Into Crisis, Onto Champion – Building Characters #3 Patience”. Patience is not just merely a virtue but a powerful trait which play an important part when going through trials. It is also a powerful character when we need to embrace the power of humanity for greater cause. In the era of 5G, high speed trains, faster CPU, more online transactions …. subsconsciously we have the “Hurry Sickness” and can get easily disturbed when thing goes a bit slower.

The Catch to Catch a fish is Patience.

Most people when going through hard times, they tend to be eager to want to get themselves out of the situation. However, my take is that when we exercise patience while going through crisis:

  1. You take time to evalute yourself in the situation. You might find new solution, ideas and see new information that can make a difference.
  2. Being patient would also means you can take time to fully embrace yourself in the situation. Some hard times are trials to strength us, some are just temporary, and some are self-inflicted. When we get presence with the situation, the crisis might disssolved itself.
  3. We are all people of relationships and going through crisis, we tend to fall into impatient-ness, utter careless words that hurt, misunderstanding and lost of respect. These cause harm and strain to any relationships.

Practising Patience even in times of Crisis, you will stand out truly as a Champion.

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