Overflowing Goodness to others

When the world around us is in crisis, or when chaos is surrounding us, what made you stood up would be your capacity to provide the gift of Goodness to yourself, your loved ones and everyone else around you. The Chinese character of “Crisis” is make up of the words of “Danger” and “Opportunity”. Would it not be a light in the dark, a rainbow after a storm, an oasis in the desert … in times of trials and turbulent, an opportunity for you to spread Goodness?

When we are filled with Goodness, the Goodness will overflow into the lives of others around you

The 4th of the 6-parts series on “Into Crisis, Onto Champion – Building Characters”. This week will briefly touched on the character of Goodness. It is not kindness and it has a gentle power to it. It transpires into powerful conversation with people, it is “contagious” in a good sense – goodness can rub off onto the lives of people. Let’s cultivate your own field of goodness!

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