Will the Authentic Me, Please Stand Up?

If you have followed my blogs on Hero’s Journeys – The Call to Adventures, I was that person who spent my life “hiding in the closet”. Emotions, feelings, vulnerability were uncharted waters I never venture before. Trying to look good, pretending, constant fear of failures and mistakes were “my allies” to keep me safe and hurt. All seemed good and well, except that I am not happy and I will never achieve my fullest potentials because I will always be not good enough.

One day a life coach asked me this #powefulquestion :”what will you tell your young self if you can go back in time?” This opened up authenticity as there was nothing to hide. I knew my young me. There was such connection, vulnerability and trust. I told him that it was a difficult and unhappy life but he would grow up to be me. One who is constantly learning to be authentic and now an ambassador to help others to connect deep to their authentic self, identify those limiting beliefs and so can transform to be a better self. You deserved it.

I am Enough

I am so excited to be invited by Mari Mitchell‘s Dare to be Authentic Radio Show on Thursday 8am SGT. Here is the link where you can access the show. You can go there anytime and sign up for a reminder: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/marimitchellporter/2020/06/04/mastering-your-own-life-with-kindaichi-lee



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Authentic Radio Show

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