Graceful Grieving

10th Oct was World Mental Health Day and I would like to take this time to talk about grieving. We usually only associate grief with the lost of loved ones, but it entails also with the lost of things that are precious to us, like relationships, pets, jobs, bodily functions and many more. One of the roadblock in moving forward with grief is Denial.

Denial comes in two ways. The first way is the denial of the fact that the lost had happened. For example, the grieving wife would not accept the passing of the husband and often immersed fully into the memories of him, reliving the moments as if all were reality and that he was still alive. One could clearly heard the voice of the deceased in far distant, or heard the footsteps approaching. The second kind of denial is that of not accepting or embracing grief. One would seek busyness, or “sweeping under the carpet” style of coping – not “seeing” it means it is not there.

In this midst of the pandemic, many people are experiencing grief of one kind or another.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Without grief, the amount of issues coming from new uncertainties in the new normal, are enough stressors to the wellness of the mind.

Grief gracefully could bring proper closure as well as the conception of empowerment. The word Grace comes with acceptance, forgiveness and being present. Graceful grieving requires us to accept that we are not perfect, we couldn’t control many things in life and it is okay. Moving past this would enable one to learn forgiveness, especially to forgive oneself. Putting in place acceptance and forgiveness, the griever could have the true peace to be in the moment, be presence, to go through a healthy and beneficial grieving process. One would be able to “make sense” of the loss in their own authentic and resonate way, and finding one’s own way of closure.

Are you embracing your feelings as you mourn a loss or do you deny your feelings?
Are you open to the normal grief process or do you tell yourself what you are feeling is not normal?
Are you attending to the present moment or do you dwell in the past?
Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a career, a pet, or physical ability, learning to work through the loss is key to your happiness.
I am super excited to co-host with Dr. Denise to share insights into how we could discover the power to grow and heal through loss. Discover the power through mindful grieving to live more fulfilled and happy.

Please register to attend this free fireside chat web event:

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