How has Covid Stole Christmas?

A lot of things have changed since the onset of the virus, we now known as COVID-19: Businesses needed to pivot, working lifestyles have disrupted and changed in this new normal, parents are juggling between works and parenting while working from home, children are having online classes …..

Children around the world are asking where is the Christmas I used to know? Has Covid stole our Christmas?

Let’s dive into the world of our children in this December. Some of our children are still having online school classes in the early part of the month because of the disruption of academic curriculum schedules as the result of schools closure due to the pandemic. It is one thing to play online games, watching YouTube videos and browsing through the internet; it is totally different while eyes on the screen watching teachers talking on the screen! The most engaging activities of screen times have been boring-ised (if there is such a word)!!!! Next in line in the minds of our young ones is: Why are my parents at home when December was suppose to be my I-Can-Do-What-I-Want month! As the parents are working from home, the so-called “freedom” that the young ones was supposed to enjoy, seemed to disappear with the presence of the parents. Waking up early, forbidden to make loud noises or partying and getting scoldings … hmm .. not what the young ones are expecting for during the usual holiday month. How about traveling plans for holiday? Needless to say, there is probably no traveling out of country holiday tour as part of the tradition for some of our families. This December holiday is NO FUN! Covid has stolen my Christmas!

The above reasons are enough to dampen the Christmas spirits of our young ones. Some of them are too young to really understand what was it they were feeling, but surely they were feeling the effects of the disruption due to the pandemic. For the parents, we are equally affected by the pandemic as we tried to do our best as working professionals, as well as good enough parents in this new normal. Some of us are felling lost, stressed, anxious, desperate or losing control.

One of the thing we can do as parents is having a good self-care. Self-care can come in the form of short dates (husband and wife) without the kids, yoga, a jog round the park, mindful coloring, etc., You can also get coaching for clarity and direction, to discover limiting beliefs that hinder you, or explore hidden potentials that you have, to re-invent a new authentic you!

This is also a good time to have “dates” with our children and have a vulnerable talk about what is really going on inside us, starting from ourselves as role models. Don’t be naive that our kiddos didn’t know we are stressed out. They know we are not our normal selves since the pandemic. After all, we are to stay home as often, we might as well have more meaningful and fruitful family mealtimes together. No screen time during mealtimes. Share highs and lows. Share interesting life stories. Let our children know that the pandemic did disrupt our lives but it brings focus back to relationship, love and connection, to what really matters. Yes, Covid has stole Christmas to make way for us to focus on better things.

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