Don’t Start the Year by Restarting

I have heard of people saying that it is time to move forwad, put 2020 behind and let us restart. What ever mistakes we made last year, we can restart and do better this year….

As someone who has been working in the IT industry for 20 plus years, one of the non-written rule of making a machine or a program to work is to reboot, or to restart. Interestingly most of the time, it worked! However, this techinque didn’t identify the root casuse of problem, or fixing the real issue. For example, it could have been a background process “eating up” the resources, or memory leaks. Just restarting the system is simply leaving to chance that the problem or real issue would not catch up soon. In the same way, when our mentality in life is to restart and simply keep on doing what we had been doing, but maybe with added committment, or better accountability, or even beat yourself harder to push harder …. Yes, you might get some success. What is really the root cause?

We are created to create. The keyword is CREATE.

What did we learnt last year in 2020 when the pandemic hit us? It was not planned for and nobody expected it. How did some of us surf through the crisis triumphed, overcame and conquered? They pivoted, adapted and changed – they created themselves, moving away from the old. Two things we need to know before we can create.

The most importance of all is to truly know yourself. What are your values, your purpose, passion and authentically who you really want to be. Social distancing is not a measure to distance us, but a space created for us to connect deeper to ourselves, and to really consider what’s important in any relationships. The new normal is removing the busyness and giving us time and space to reflect on our job, role and everything else. This is the time to discover why you are behaving the way you are, the limiting beliefs and many “baggages” you have had. When you know yourself better, you become your own ally. You now is a vessel ready for change.

Next we need to take stock of what we have been doing and not working. These were not failures or mistakes. These were learnings and feedbacks of what we should not be doing in the new year. Do something different. Try something new. Go for collaboration instead of competition. Get out of comfort zone. Get creative. Dream wild. Don’t just think out of the box, think without box! All these shifted your mentality to ready for creation.

So, don’t start the year by restarting. Start by CREATING.

I am so excited that during last year, as a Connection Coach, I had co-create with my clients a space to help them to create life that is authentic and amazing for them. In return, they have taught me the valuable lesson as written in this blog. Thank You.

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