Crisis, Champion, Character

… to walk the talk won’t be that easy. Yes, you are right. However, it does not mean you can’t. Continue reading Crisis, Champion, Character

Owning Your Choice

What have the situations of COVID-19 been affecting your life so far? Are you feeling fearful of falling sick? Are you sucking it up with business going down and shaking head with the gloomy and uncertainty of the world’s economy? Joining the masses to go and grab daily essentials to the point of hoarding, worrying … Continue reading Owning Your Choice

Throwback 2019

Since last Friday, I had a fever and it turned out to be a journey of 4 days of insomnia, 3 days of fever and countless visits to the toilet. Only on Monday did the doctor found the source of the problem – Urinary Tract Infection! Hence, I spent most of my time between bed … Continue reading Throwback 2019

Impress in Expression

Be expressive, be authentic, be yourself. Take some time off to be alone where there is no disruption and close your eyes. Relax your body and notice your breathing. Breath in and feel the air circulating through your body. Do this 2-3 times and notice you being part of this universe. Now quickly let events … Continue reading Impress in Expression

Hero’s Journey 2 – The Call to Adventure of Courage

I was raised in a family with little compliments and almost no praise given to one another. I remembered being compared and feeling being put down most of the the time. My mother would remark:”Why can’t you swim like your sister?”, “How come people can do this, you can’t?”. Internally, my inner voice would tell … Continue reading Hero’s Journey 2 – The Call to Adventure of Courage