Hand of Destiny

A great Japanese warrior named Nobunaga decided to attack the enemy, although he had only one-tenth the number of men the opposition commanded. He was confident that he would win, but his soldiers were in doubt. On the way, he stopped at a Shinto shrine and told his men: ‘After I visit the shrine I … Continue reading Hand of Destiny

Play it by Trust

Yoko commented: “The white chess set is a sort of life situation. Life is not all black and white, you don’t know what is yours and what is theirs. You have to convince people what is yours. In the chess situation it is simple if you are black then black is yours. But this is … Continue reading Play it by Trust

Parrot & the Crow

The crow was envious of the peaceful and comfortable life of the caged parrot. The parrot was envious of the freedom and bounderless life of the crow. After a discussion, both decided to switch places. The crow got his peace but he didn’t manage to get the love of the owner. He died of loneliness … Continue reading Parrot & the Crow


It’s was a dark & stormy night. There were three person waiting in a remote town’s bus stop. A very sick old woman, a healthy doctor and a beautiful young lady. If you drove your 2 seats-car and passed by. Wanting to help, what will you do? Think before looking at the possible answers below. … Continue reading Mind-Shift

Seeing & Noticing

Birbal was the wisest man in India. One day, the King from faraway kingdom heard about Birbal. He was eager to meet him and sent him an invitation to come visit his country. When Birbal arrived and entered the palace he was amazed to see not one but six kings seated there. All looked alike. … Continue reading Seeing & Noticing

Lesser is More

Most of us are familiarize with the fable of the Lion & the moose. The mouse in the story is the hero, the one in the limelight. However, if we paused and give a little more thoughts: why did the lion let the mouse loose? Do you think it is a good idea to wake … Continue reading Lesser is More