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Co-Active Connection Coaching Service
Do you want to feel fulfilled, competent, and that your life has meaning and purpose instead of feeling stuck or stressed and anxious all the time? Most often than less, we often pursued the wrong goals and then wondering why we feel stuck and dissatisfied. You will be a lot happier when you have greater personal development, better life quality, clearer clarification of options for decision-making … the list goes on. Embark the journey with me and experiences outcomes of being co-active and deep connection with your values, life purpose and hidden potentials. Book here.

Counseling Service
Customised Play & Creative Therapeutic Therapy for youths and children – they learn, explore and discover through these activities. 
Professional counseling (Christian/ Secular) services for couples (include pre-marital counseling), marriage and individuals are also available. Book Here.

Training Service
Provide wide range of workshops and seminars, on topics on Connection in parenting, personal life and marriage.
Have conducted Life Skills Workshop in both Malaysia (Sunway College) & Singapore (Family Service Center). 
Past 4 years, have conducted workshops like Mindful Parenting, Well-Being of Parents, Good Marriage Series and Monthly workshop on just being good enough Parents. Set appointment to discuss.

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