Kindaichi Lee

As a Co-active Connection Coach (Coaching Training Institue, UK), I see myself as the connector that unlock hidden potentials and eliminate limiting beliefs in my clients. My mission of life is to be the message to change the world through healing and connection so that people can achieve fulfilling lifestyle bringing values to themselves, friends and their loved ones.

I have a Degree in Psychology from Central Queensland University (Australia) and a Master Degree in Counselling from James Cook University (Austalia) with distinctions in Behavioural Management, Assessment and Advance Counselling. I was pilvedged to be asked to assist in Victims Debrief Session to help process the psychological wellness of the victims for the 2013 Genting Highlands Bus Crashed, working together with the Singapore Family Service Center. I am currently professional members of both the Association of Professional Trainer (Singapore) and Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers.

FUNCHFUN + lunCH time. I coined and created this unique Themes-based Team Building Events for Youths & Families.

Connection is best created by experiencing it, not through some hear-says or books. Hence, I am an advocate of Experiential Learning (EXL), be it whether I come as a Counsellor, Coach or Trainer. As a parent, I strongly believe my son will learn and absorb the most through play, not just reliance solely on books.

Team Building Retreats. Most retreats are fun and yes, definitely requires teamwork to play the game. However, people came and left from retreats. For me, I design the retreats’ experience to make sure there would be a community, new built relationships, and continual connection after the retreats.

Coaching. Beside engaing in 1-1 coaching, I used to help with students in schools as a form of group coaching. Yes, you are right if you think that my coaching session would be experiential!

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