Children are our Role Models.

I love my bonding time with my 4 years old son. To him, it is our playing together time. One of our favourite play time is Lego time! We create and build not just models but stories as well! The video on the left was one model we made, he called it his playground’s see-saw. … Continue reading Children are our Role Models.

Bringing out the Best in Workplace with Psychological Safety

Employees won’t be able to give their best effort unless they feel safe in the workplace and hence the importance of creating a workplace environment that promotes psychological safety for all – where one can speak or act, be his or her-self without fearing of being judged, rejected or humiliated while sharing concerns and ideas. This creates both a positive environment as well as the positive state of mind, promoting and encouraging more creativity, which in turn makes working more productive and more efficient. Continue reading Bringing out the Best in Workplace with Psychological Safety

Victim of Me

The Victim saboteur justified my limiting beliefs through lies. …. The more I led my life based on this limiting belief, the more I became negative and feeling losuy about my self. I needed to break from this victimization life cycle. Continue reading Victim of Me