17th October 2022

Children Are Our Role Models

I love my bonding time with my 4 years old son. To him, it is our playing together time. One of our favourite play time is […]
5th September 2022

Bringing out the Best in Workplace with Psychological Safety

As business owners, we all know the importance of boosting performance and increase the efficiency of our employees. We know that to do so, we need […]
15th July 2022

Spilling Over – Hazard to Well-being

Oil spills can affect marine life and its related local industry for years after they had happened. The effects of oil spills are worse when the […]
8th June 2022

A Pint of Psychological Flexibility

How many of you have ever found yourself consumed by unproductive or negative thoughts and emotions that are stopping you from taking action? For example, after […]
25th February 2022

Journey From Midlife to Glorious Golden Years

Passing 50 years old really put a different perspective to one’s life. For me, I am resolved to reach out and empower as many as 10,000 […]
27th July 2021

Why Authenticity is Important for Professional Success

Does anyone know the relationship of these, the cassette and a pencil? Many people of the older generation would still remembered the good old days of […]